Ten Townsend champions a slow-fashion strategy, crafting women's luxury outerwear in supremely classic, season-spanning styles.

Smart silhouettes, sumptuous fabrics and impeccable tailoring convey a certain refinement in restraint our clients admire.



Founder, Cristina Ricou, is particularly inspired by a life spent exploring the Pacific Coast - from the sandy beaches of Southern California to the rocky shores further north to the evergreen islands of the Puget Sound.

Disparate landscapes punctuated by some of the most culturally distinct places in the world sparked the desire to create an outerwear collection to ease the transition between such diverse geography and meteorological personality - SoCal’s marine layer, a curiously chilly San Francisco summer or a predictably drizzly day in the Pacific Northwest.

Classic in form and considered in function, each design is meticulously studied in terms of materiality, detail and craftsmanship. Cristina leverages a background in branding and interior architecture to bring a nuanced design fluency to all aspects of the label’s creative direction.



Each of our garments tells a story - an ethical one.  A story told in appreciation of the precious resources that coalesce to create an exceptional garment, a rarity in today's fashion industry.

In collaboration with innovative textile mills at the forefront of ethical sourcing and sustainable practices, we strive to create quality, investment-worthy garments with a conscience.

We’re proud to support luxury craftsmanship in the United States and Italy, where we work closely with our partners from design development to finished garment.  And painstakingly fuss over every detail. 




“Ten” nods to the pursuit of perfection – in material, detail and craft.

“Townsend” refers to the street name at San Francisco’s historic waterfront - where steamboats, steam engines and street cars once bustled in spectacular contrast to the beauty of the bay - a metaphorical point of friction as muse.

And in contrast - we find interest, novelty and distinction.

An inspired intersection of opposing elements that ever inform the character of each collection - where practical can be playful, structured can be soft and elegant can be effortless.