Protect Your Investment

A Ten Townsend garment is designed to stand the test of time. We've given the composition, construction and continued care of each garment great consideration. Please find below a few recommendations to ensure your investment may be enjoyed for many seasons.

Care Instructions 

Always reference the garment's care label and any additional instructions for specific care and maintenance, as certain solvents and temperatures should be avoided to protect the garment's distinct characteristics.


Between wears, rest your garment on a sturdy hanger to retain its shape, allow fabric to breathe, release moisture and relax wrinkles naturally. Use a soft, high-quality garment brush to remove surface soil that may become stains in the future.


The water-repellent finish applied to certain styles also resists dust, dirt and liquid stains. A light, low-temperature ironing will release creases and renew the hydro-repellent treatment on the fabric's surface.


After prolonged use, water-repellent qualities applied to certain styles may be reduced. It is possible to restore these qualities by reapplication at a specialized cleaning service.

Dry Clean

Garments made with fine, natural fibers remain fresher longer, extending the time required between professional cleanings. In fact, dry cleaning too often may prematurely degrade the inherent qualities of the fabric and special finishing. 

Professional Services

We recommend garments only be serviced by a couture cleaning service, which is familiar with handling luxury goods and cleaning technical garments.


Note that certain styles should only be laundered, as the dry cleaning process may degrade the garment's performance.

Still Have Questions?

If you have specific garment care inquiries or need service recommendations, we would be happy to help! Send us a note at clientservices@tentownsend.com